Displaying list of videos in Popup issue

Hi all, I’ve list of videos which I’m displaying in repeating group and on click a popup shows up and video starts playing but issue is when I close popup and click the next box in repeating group same video shows up how can I remove the previous video from the popup I’m using state but not working

Do you use Display data on group or popup action in your workflow (and pass Current cell's video to the popup), right before opening popup?

Then, is the source of the video on the popup says Current popup's video's url or something along that line?

yes Same thing

You should show us these then with a screenshot. Because technically it should work.

You see, you are passing down a list of videos instead of one single video. And you also always show the first item’s video in the video player.

there is only one video for that heading i was using other method like parent group video but that was also not working

when I close the button on state change everything is working fine just the video remain same I think issue is with plugin

here videourl is empty in database I want it to get empty on close

I dont know. Maybe first video of every cell is the same. Because setup is this. This is how you pass data to a popup.

ok thanks for help

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