How to go from development to business

I’ve been immersed in learning Bubble for over a year now, honing my web design and development skills. I’m eager to take the leap from creating websites to establishing a successful business. However, I recognize a gap in my knowledge, particularly in the realms of business, marketing, and sales.

I’m grateful for the support of AI tools, which have proven invaluable for an individual like me. I’m curious to learn from others who have navigated a similar journey. What advice would you offer someone in my position? How can I bridge the gap and make strides toward my entrepreneurial goals?

Find a problem to solve and provide a solution.

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Find 3-5 established competitors and pull together all the verbiage they use for marketing, features, communicate value to the user, how they solve the customer’s problem, and how customers prefer to try & buy.

Even if your solution is new or doesn’t have a lot of competitors in your chosen industry. Find solutions that go to market the way you will pursue and imitate a similar strategy that is getting early users and traction.

Hope that helps. Find a cost effective way to acquire or buy prospecting contact lists of your ideal customer profiles so you can begin outreaches.

I’d look at free resources on “SaaS go-to-market strategy” which will help you frame how you’ll go to market (business lead, hybrid, traditional), identify your ideal customer profile, and begin building large email marketing lists to begin getting prospects to either try your app, sign up or schedule a sales demo.

That will help you understand what your conversion stats.

  • open emails or opt out
  • click to your website/app
  • Sign up or schedule demo

Hope that is a helpful start. You’re at an exciting point to begin seeing your hard work payoff and begin acquiring users. You’ll learn a lot from those early sales opportunities.

Early on when we only had a handful of customers we tried 2-3 industries to see what would gain traction (repeatable marketing, sales, onboarding and renewal/cancel process). We reached out to thousands in each industry to see if we could get demos schedule and close SMB companies. By about the 5th industry we found out fit.

Never give up and good luck!

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