How to handle data from the "Table" feature?

Hello, i’d like to be able to modify the current table row when user click on edit or delete icon’s.

How can i go about to do this ?

I thought of using a popup and displaying the info from current row to there, but i’m not sure how to do this, like how am i supposed to retrieve current’s row data and display it on the popup ?

Hi there, if i understand correctly, you’re trying to have a popup group that shows data from a selected row in a table. I haven’t done as much with the table element but the approach I’d try first is to add the popup group to the first row of the table, and set its data source to ‘This row’s thing’. Then just populate it with the fields you wish to show and /or edit. Include a button on the row with a workflow action to ‘show popup’.

Let me know if this works!

Oh yeah, of course i’ve done similar things with repeating groups. yeah i’ll try it out and let you know

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It seems like adding a popup into a cell is not possible, neither adding it to a group is, idk if you have the same issue, but it looks like that won’t work…

I just had a successful test doing the following:

  • Add Popup element to the page
  • Set Popup’s ‘Type of content’ to the content type found in the table’s list of things
  • Added a button to the table
  • Add workflow to the button when pressed:
    • Workflow Step 1:
      -Display data in group/popup (choose your new popup as the element)
      -Data to display: Parent Group’s (thing)
    • Workflow Step 2: Show popup

Alright this makes sense, the weird part is that i don’t have the option “parent group’s thing”

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