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How to handle saving blank / empty inputs in a form?

Hello, so i have many inputs in a form SAY 5, and i want the user to be able to save one input’s value at the time, meaning you can fill one up and leave the other 4 empty without the input’s empty value being saved every time like it does,
MY FIX in the workflow make a rule to make changes to a thing for the input only if the value is not empty, it worked ! .
THE PROBLEM one of those 5 inputs would make sense to at a time have an empty value, SO how can i allow empty values to be saved without that empty value being saved every time the save button is clicked and you don’t want an empty value there ? i mean with my rule now i canot have a blank or empty value when i would need it

Hi there, @oswcode… you might need to share some screenshots on this one because it’s difficult (for me, at least) to follow what you are describing. Can you provide some screenshots that show what you are trying to do?



In this image the black text comes from an input say NAME and the grey text comes form a different input say GREETING, both inputs are in the same form.

If someone wants to make a change to that piece of profile and remove the Greeting just make it blank or save an empty value there, how should i program that ?
Currently my rule in the save workflow for this form for each input is “make changes to a thing only if Input Name is not empty” for input name, and “make changes to a thing only if Input Greeting is not empty” for input greeting.

that works because it lets users save just one input value at the time, without saving empty values for the rest, but it forbids to save a blank or empty value, and in this case i would also like that, to save an empty value in Greeting if i want to

If I understand that statement correctly, the way you would likely want to go is to make sure you have the Initial content field for the inputs set up to show the existing values when the form is shown. Then, if the user wants to remove the value from one of the inputs, they can simply blank out the input and save the form, and the rest of the values will not blank out because the inputs have the existing values in them. Does that make sense?

Not quite for 2 reasons.

  • the default action on a workflow i think is to save the value on every input, so having a default value would change the value of each field that has an input with an initial value when saved.
  • the input should save dynamic data, i mean the user would begin with a blank field and be able to write whaever he wants.

HOW to prevent an input to save the value it contains (which by default is empty or blank) while also allowing for a blank or empty value to be saved when desired.

i don’t know if bubble’s valid option for inputs covers this, i read the docs and it doesn’t seem to do so, but now thtat i say it i really never tested that. I’m sure this has already be taken care of but how is the question :thinking:

Sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean. I can all but guarantee that what you are trying to do is about as basic as it gets, but without being able to understand your explanations (and without screenshots that show the setup of your inputs and your workflows), I can’t really help. Maybe someone else knows what you mean and can jump in here, though.

i’ll make a video, you think thtat woild work ? i agree it must be something very basic

A video certainly couldn’t hurt. :slight_smile: