How to have text grow from middle point rather then from the top line?

Hey There!

Basically I want the text to grow from the middle rather then it being started from the top.

Any suggestions on how I can do it?

This is what it needs to look like:

Also How to add fa fa icons inside the text box?

Thank you

Tick the box that says “Center the text vertically”.

Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think you can add icons inline.

Without using custom HTML, I don’t think there’s a way to center multi-line text yet. “Center the text vertically” is going to center the first line of the text vertically, but the subsequent lines will go below without pushing the top line up.

Can you tell me what html to use and how? Thanks!

It doesn’t work… it starts off in the middle but goes down.

One thing you could do if nothing else helps is have the text element sit at the top or bottom of the area its in, then based on number of characters have MoveIT! Push it up or down on page load.

MoveIT! Demo:

Nope nothing has worked so far! Any ideas guys?

I haven’t used the HTML element approach myself, I was just assuming it might be possible :slight_smile: Sorry!

In each section between the blue lines put a repeating group inside so that its top to bottom and left to right. Do that for each square your putting text in. set the repeating group to be 3 fixed cells high, so its gives us the middle as cell 2. Drop a condition on the text if not cell #2 hide, turn of the seperators so you cant see there is an RG there.

That feels like a really complicated solution for something that should be pretty easy no? Lets keep that as last option. Thanks

Should being the key there, lets face it your now 10hrs into a search for a fix, your trying multiple options and still seeing the same problem, surely its worth the 2 minutes to try it? If that method doesnt work then i will give you some code to chuck in your page… to be honest with you though the whole setup you have there looks suited to an RG.

The problem is there are already multiple RG’s running which will take a huge drain. I will give it a try and let you know how it goes, but if there is a simple solution I would really prefer that. Thanks.

Is there multiple RGs in this same issue already or do you mean on the page?

Is there no way to use the html element? Through some divs or css?

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