Making text box copy in top position

Is there a way to make the text in the text box top align for large blocks of text? Please tell me I don’t need a new text box for each individual line of copy. I want to make a user guide and need to be able to have larger blocks of text but every time I hit enter, there’s a higher gap between the top of the text box between the copy. Is there a way to position the text to the very top of the text box.

Hey there,

I’m assuming you’re talking about the text element?

If so, then you probably have “Center text vertically” checked. You should un-check it.
That’s just my wild guess. If I’m wrong, please provide a screenshot of your issue for more clarity.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Yes, not the left, middle, or right alignment, but top alignment of the copy. Note how “get started overlay” text begins in the middle of the box instead of at the top of it.

You’re a genius! That did the trick. Thank you :slight_smile: I am a rookie!

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No problem. Good luck!