How to have the second text box appear when the first disappears?

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I completed the interactive lessons (very helpful!), but I still don’t know how to arrange for a second text box to appear when the first disappears? Also, how can I make the first text box disappear?

I would greatly appreciate your help!!

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Do you mean overlapping text boxes or one under another to be visible on meeting certain conditions?

You will have to uncheck ‘This element is visible on page load’ on the second text box, then on the workflow elements action tab, run a condition 'When this button is clicked> hide text box 1> show text box 2.

Please see this example.

and the editor

Hope this helps.

Thanks so much ankurm2207! This resolved my issue. Also, is there any way to have the first button fade out? If not, that’s fine.

You can have the similar workflow for button too. Just uncheck ‘This element is visible on page load’ for button too.

That’s right, I am able to make the first button disappear by following your initial instructions, but is there a way to make it fade out instead of instantly disappear? Apologies if my previous answer was not clear on this point.

Okay I misunderstood that, my bad.
So you can do the following action:

When button click is clicked> Workflow> Element action> Animate

Here you can choose the animation effects and also define a custom duration.

I have made the changes in editor for you.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks so much Ankur! This was great in teaching me about how to resolve my issue.