Show/ hide workflow involving 2 pop-ups


I’m building a log-in/ sign-up flow involving changing user’s data when they sign up. I thought it’s straightforward but building workflow isn’t that easy for me…

I have login/ signup as pop-up element. And the trigger for that pop-up is in another pop-up component. I need to make a workflow that the result of Sign-up/ Log-in trigger hide and show action on elemenets in the 1st pop-up.

I have two wokflows for that. 1st workflow triggered from a button in the 1st pop-up, which open the Login/ Signup pop-up. Then the rest of accont related actions are done in the 2nd workflow bound in the 2nd login/signup pop-up. All data related things work fine.

But the problem on the UI. The result of 2nd workflow, I need to hide/ show elements in the first pop-up. And it seems like the 2nd workflow can’t control those element. I see an error that such action is not a possible option.

Then I thought I can simply apply the condition"when user logged in" makes this element visible/ invisible which directly applied in the element. But that’s not working…

Any suggestions…?

If you like to check the editor you’re welcome… althought it gets complicated.


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