How to have users fill out and save a PDF form?

I need my users to fill out a W9 (

Is it possible to do this natively in Bubble? I currently have my users fill in inputs on my site (screenshot below) and those get sent to PDFOtter via an API to generate the PDF. I’d like to move away from that though, as the W9 will have sensitive info and I don’t want to have to use a third party service

Boop :nerd_face:

hmm you could look at this service, it’s got a pretty decent plugin for bubble: HTML To PDF API - HTML To PDF Online REST API |

Hey @taylor1, I’m trying to avoid a third party API if possible due to sensitive data

PDF Conjurer plugin maybe?

“It works in the browser page and in backend workflows, uses no API, no external services and does not increase your app’s costs.”

I use CloudConvert to capture a page and turn into PDF Website to PDF and Screenshot API | CloudConvert. If it helps at all they talk about their good security here Security & Compliance | CloudConvert

I feel like everyone just uses a 3rd party service with API Connector :rofl: Not sure how you would do it with PDF Conjurer without recreating the whole W9 form or somehow embedding the picture of the page in the background

I’d just store the SSN separately (with the right permissions of course)