How to hide a group when you click off? (Without using Focus Group)

I’m using a calendar plugin which you can click-drag on the calendar to create events etc.

The plugin has a workflow to move an element to an X/Y position, but it doesn’t work with bubble’s Focus Group element because the element itself is required to be tied to another element.

I also can’t use the settings in the Focus Group to move it to where I am creating events, because the events showing on the calendar aren’t elements themselves.

Regardless, I’d like the same behaviour of hiding a group when you click off. Is it possible to do with a “normal” group element? I’ve been scratching my head for a while trying to figure it out.


I can add this as an event. You’d feed the plugin your popup element ID. And use a conditional on the workflow

When the “popup” group is visible and the screen has been clicked outside the popup group”

Hide popup group

How’s that sound?!

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