How to hide template in domain name

I’ve buy a domain name, I had “A” value in DNS (I have 4 values).
When I go in my website I see only the template from my bubble app and not the app i’ve build…
How to only show my app bubble and not the template ?

Have you deployed your app to live?

Hi no, how can I do that ?

Oh thanks I found ! What is the difference now ? Can I still develop in bubble ?
Everytime I made an updated I have to “develop in live” ? :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks !

Click development top right, then deploy to live. you will need to fix any issues before deploying.

The idea of a Development and Live environment can be confusing for a while, I know it was for me as a non-developer. Maybe these two resources can shed some more light on the differences an if you need any more help just post a question here in the forum



Now just don’t ask me why Bubble has a Manual AND a Reference, because I have no clue :upside_down_face:

It stems from how web apps are traditionally designed and developed. Its actually a fantastic feature that is really well implemented, and allows you to have a fully functioning development application and database for you mess around with that is entirely separate from your live application.

If you want a feature deployed to your live application, then yes you need to deploy to live, and you will have a separate Live database.

If you just want to preview your development application, then just hit preview and you will be able to interact as if the live site, but with your development data set. This is what you would typically use when you are working on new features. Once everything is working and tested, you deploy a new version to Live.

you can export the app and in the very bottom of the JSON replace the template id line with:

“app_version”: “test”,

then save and import.

worked for me!