My app is now a templete! WOW!

Yesterday when i was working on my app I saw that I cant deploy it. Thats the screen shot of version and development control.

image .

Now I want it to back as an app so I can deploy changes. It wasnt like that before.
Any help will be appreciated.

I suggest you to write to

Passing from an app to a template is very strange, unless from the beginning it was a template. Bubble will fix it.


Thanks for your suggestion! I will do that.

This is not necessarily a bug.

Based on the screenshot, it looks like you converted your app into a template (or, rather, created it as a template at some point).

You should create a new copy of the app from your main Bubble page ( and select this app as the basis of your application. (Be sure to copy the database content as you do so via the checkbox option).

Remember that this will mean you now have two copies of the application (the template and then a useable version of the app based on the template). As you move forward, you’ll want to do your development from the usable version, not the template.

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Thanks! well I am pretty sure that was a bug because today “deploy to live” button just showed up. Looks like it was on vacations and now it is back :joy: . Bubble is sometimes crazy :crazy_face: . Thanks for you help.

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