How to increase storage space when storage size is at its maximum?

My team used my web app until it reached maximum storage, and I bought additional storage until maximum.
How can I buy storage more than 290 Gb.?

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I’d look at external storage options… it’s much cheaper than Bubble and you have no limits.


Thanks @adamhholmes , I will try to follow your advice.

Unfortunately Bubble still thinks they can charge in the GBs instead of TBs like every other cloud service. I’m hoping their upcoming pricing changes includes cheap storage price like AWS. For now I use the Wasabi plugin and it’s working really well. It was easier to set up than the AWS one and has more features. Just know with Wasabi you can only serve the amount of data that you store per month. So if you store 300GB then you are given 300GB worth of data transfer for that month.


Perhaps I should find new storage ASAP, cause it’s almost full capacity.


What kind of data are you storing?

Unfortunately it’s less integrated but way cheaper

I create CRM system for sales team to check in - out when they visit customer everyday, around 200 users check in with uploading 6 photos per store.

Did you think about a image compression service?
User uploads picture → you send it to a server to compress → picture comes back smaller.

Should solve the problem at least for some time

Maybe I will try. But I found some bubbler shared his tutorial how to integrate bubble with google drive in order to upload pictures into google drive folder.

I use 3 things.

I use my ConvertAPI plugin for all my conversions, and TINYPNG to compress, then I store via wasabi or S3.

For all my text data/forms/inquiries, I use my FULL NOTION plugin to use notion as a database crud.

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It’s very interesting. Wasabi is amazing plugin to manage other cloud storage that cheaper than Bubble storage.

Thanks @GhostCodes