The best solution/plugin to increase file storage capacity?

Hi Everyone,

I’m interested to find out what other bubblers recommended as the best method to increase object/file storage for their app.



AWS S3 (but there are countless other options)…

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The following plugins supports unlimited file size and also backend workflow actions, either on AWS S3 (which I recommend) or alternatively Google Cloud Storage.


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Hi Phill,
I very luckily discovered @aniv 's plugin - which uses Google Cloud Storage

What makes it awesome is that it provides the script to properly set up your GCS account (permissions, buckets etc etc etc) … you can have GCS beautifully set up in and running in Bubble in ~ 30 minutes (and not have to know too much about GCS) … and you will wonder why you ever were using Bubble for storage :slight_smile:

I haven’t measured it but I feel that the transfer rate in and out of GCS is faster than Bubble native storage! (but there could be many explanations for that :slight_smile: )

I’m sure other plugins are also good - I just didn’t have the time to trial a bunch :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Thanks, @adamhholmes , is the set-up complex?

Thanks, @redvivi I’ve seen these before - they look great!

@lindsay_knowcode - adding a script for easy set up in an excellent idea! Thanks