How to integrate for news feed

How to integrate news feed of getstream with

I’m not aware of anyone who has implemented this yet but we’ve thought about it ourselves. It seems to be straightforward enough. You need to pass data to getstream so that it has, essentially, a copy of the content you want surfaced and it’s linkages to other elements, such as users.

Then, send it a query and load the results into, say, a repeating group.

Man oh man. I’ve very interested in this. I have a scrollable feed like facebook (below) and all it needs is a performance boost to encourage more usage - even though I’m on dedicated!

Would happily pay for an API plugin or alternatively chip in and add help build/test a prototype. It would be a game changer @sridharan.s

Yeah, I think a lot of people feel that way. A number of Bubblers are starting to play around with Algolia to speed up repeating groups as well. There’s even a working demo so it’s very encouraging.

See the forum post and demo here.