Prevent duplicates in group of dropdown options


I’m trying to prevent duplicate options from being chosen within dropdowns. Dropdowns are not mandatory. User will select from same set of options within each dropdown. Currently, hitting “Save” button loads all dropdown info into database.


When user selects an option from any of the dropdowns, if attempting to select the same option from another dropdown, I’d like an error message to pop up stating that it is already selected, or, I’m okay with the option (once chosen) falling out of the rest of the dropdown boxes altogether.

Any guidance on how to accomplish this would be most appreciated. These dropdowns will be used as a “filter” for a user to refine their search for matches. (like a dating app).

Thanks so much in advance for any help!

  • john

If each of your dropdowns are of the same data type, you should consider using the multi select dropdown element.

It is a free plugin by bubble and would allow you to use just one element and have the user select multiple choices from just the one element instead of needing to have multiple separate dropdowns

Thanks @boston85719 ! This should work perfect! Much appreciated! I just replaced and good to go!

While I have you, do you also know of a best plugin and/or path for using these to filter “matches” of other users based on topics they added?

For example, I’m using topics and distance to make a match between two people. The user must be within XX miles of another user and have the ability to choose certain topics they want to talk bout, and filter other users (within radius) for those same topics. I’d like the user to be able to turn this on/off so they can omit topic filters and just see the topics from everyone within the radius.

And regardless, again, thanks so much for your help!

  • John

No plugin. Just a database structure and filter for search results.

Need to have a field for the users location of type geographic address and then another field for the categories.

Check out this forum post for how to set up search results

If you ever need help and are interested in 1:1 coaching/mentoring feel free to get in touch as it is a service I offer.

Awesome, and thanks again @boston85719. Feel free to email me details for the 1:1, I may take you up on that! [email protected]

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