How to Launch a SAAS?


Could someone get me in the right direction? I already finished my app with bubble, but now I cannot find how to launch my app so users can create their own accounts, etc.



Hey @audaxias,

Click on the top right and select deploy current version to live.

Thanks for the answer. My app is already deployed in its own domain. What I am trying to figure out is how each user that signs up has its “own” app without mixing data.

I thought it was through subapps but i upgraded and it is not that. Is that made only through code? sharing the same database all users and only restricting view?

If such a case with professional plan could be done? Team plan is needed to launch it?

do you know about this?

You would do this via the data tab it can be done on the free plan but it does require some basic knowledge around bubble data.

You have do excessive conditional display options for user, Like display data only linked to current user

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