How to structure app for different customers

looking for any advice… my app will be deployed to different customers and each customer should ideally have their own database. possibly this could be accomplished with one app and a proper database structure. I originally thought the best setup would be using sub apps with sub domains, but that seems prohibitively expensive. having major sticker shock that to have sub apps, I have to have the production plan and then each customer still needs to have their own app plan. :grimacing:

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It really depends if you need your customers see each others data or not.

If you just want them to see their own data, just make sure in Privacy settings that the creator is current user. Then they can only see what they created. Turn off everything else.

Would that fit your needs?

Hard to know without more info on how it will work. :blush:

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For what it’s worth, this question reminds me of this thread (especially the part where I jumped in, of course). If you are up for some light reading, enjoy. :slight_smile:


good stuff. too bad the sub app isn’t more flexible on pricing. seems like the ability to do sub apps should be priced more like server capacity instead of billing per app. right structure, wrong pricing, imho.

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As @mikeloc points out, you don’t need sub-apps to build a multi-tenant SaaS on Bubble. It’s basically designed exactly for that and has all of the features you need (e.g., a built-in User datatype, authentication features, a really neat database with privacy rules, etc.). And your customers do not each need their own database.


any pointers on good training material to learn those skills?

Well the two “Getting Started” videos linked from Academy | Bubble are very good and cover everything I mentioned above.

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