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How to let a developer build the app?

I want to build a educational quiz / questions app and I found someone on Fiverr with great reviews. I will have my first meeting with him tomorrow.

Question is - is there a developer log in or he will need me to create a user account for him in order to work on the app? He will be building the app with bubble himself. I will provide him with content, data and design etc but workflows etc he will do it himself.

How does the log in work for a developer that is a third party?

The developer should be able to take you through all that if he’s experienced in developing bubble apps :slight_smile:


He does. At least that’s what I think based on his reviews on fiverr. But before I talk to him tomorrow I thought it would be better to have an idea first.

There’s more than one way to go about it depending on a few factors - I’d be guided by your developer as to their process :slight_smile:



  1. You add the developer as a collaborator (requires a professional bubble plan)
  2. You change your password to be a temp PW and give them the login credentials

Be careful with #2 as they’ll have all the admin capabilities etc.