How To Let User Delete "Thing"?

I have a list of customers that the user can either update manually or by uploading a CSV File. By doing this, the customer is placed into a repeating group as a checkbox.

Currently, each item submitted creates a new thing and is displayed as a checkbox. I want the item selected to be deleted from the database when the user clicks on the Delete Button. Or maybe move it to an Archive folder, but either way I want it to be moved.

Is this possible? I can’t seem to figure out the workflow…

The way I’ve done this is to create a custom state and add the customer to that custom state when the checkbox is checked, and remove the customer from the custom state, when the checkbox is cleared. Then, the Delete button, deletes the contacts found in the custom state, either through immediate action, or an api workflow.

Here are the events that populate the custom state:

And then I use an api workflow to perform the delete, and reset the custom state:

And here is the api workflow:

This allows you to delete (or perform other such actions) on a group of things all at once.

@seanhoots has recently created a plugin for shift select capabilities to make the process even easier for the user.

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Just put a trash can icon in the cell. When clicked it executes delete on the thing. (Data things > delete a thing > thing to delete? Current cell’s thing).

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If u don’t want to make the user wait for progress bar, you could instead kick off a scheduled api workflow or a custom event (pass it the thing to delete and it just deletes that thing).