How to link to each item in a list of items

I have an Post type with a list of Tags. I’m trying to figure out how to display the list of tags and have each linkable to their respective Tag page. I can print the tags themselves, comma separated (which is what I want). But I can’t figure out how to link to each of them individually. I’m guessing it needs to be a repeating group, but then I guess the question is how to display a repeating group as a comma separated list of values.

Any suggestions?

You should use a Repeating Group.
Set the page to type Tags like in your DB. And you can have a workflow in the RG tag item to go to the current cell tag page

That’s what I figured. How do I get the RG to display as a comma separated list instead of table-like cells?

You cannot really.
It may be possible to use a plugin that adjust the RG width and height so you can put a comma at the end of your text, but not sure if this is the best solution.
Another way could be to use text or html element and have a list:formatted as text and create a url link with the display to the value and the url set to tags’s unique id for example


As @Jici mentioned, a simple way to do this is using the ‘format as text’ expression on a list.

Have a text element with the dynamic content set to do a search for ‘Tags’: format as text.

Then use BBCode to create the link and anchor text for each tag: e.g.

[url=This Tag's Link]This Tag's Name[/url]

Use a comma as the delimiter

The result will be a list of the tags’ names, separated by a comma, that can be clicked to open the relevant page for the tag.