How to login with native Facebook app not a website

We are using FB social login in our Bubble app.
When the user chooses to authenticate with FB and if the FB app is already installed on the phone, we would like to authenticate the user using the native FB app on the phone rather than having the user enter the FB credentials again in the mobile browser.

Can we somehow achieve it here?

Have you tested and it doesn’t work?

It opens the mobile browser, but the user has to log in - most of them are not logged in to the application and it is a bottleneck.
Is there any option to open a mobile app to log in via Facebook? Like most of the services do

The issue is a facebook issue and not necessarily something to do with Bubble…I’d imagine the login happens via API which is provided by Facebook. I would have thought Facebook would have been sophisticated enough to make it so that if the app is installed it is opened and if no app installed it would be the browser.

I don’t have an answer, but I’d recommend looking into the Facebook API documentation to see what might be possible with a direct connection if you are currently using a plugin.

Explore how things work with different mobile browsers. As Boston said it is highly likely that this is not a Bubble issue.