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Facebook authentication on native mobile app?

Has anyone successfully integrated signup/login with Facebook on a native mobile app? Mine is working properly on the web application and mobile webpage when accessed via the web, but when I access the native mobile app via the Bubble iOS app and attempt to authenticate, it gives me the error “The redirect_uri URL is not supported”. Is there a separate URL that the native mobile app redirects to? Thanks!

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This is something that we don’t support while we’re in beta (basically anything that involves a page change won’t work well currently).

In that case any site which uses facebook for user signups wont work :frowning:
Does it work if we use something like ??

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I don’t know. If you experiment it’d be awesome to share your findings with the community.


So gonative does say Facebook, push notifications are available. I’m wondering if there will be limitations on the bubble end to make use of these features. Any idea

I guess there will be, but I can’t say for sure. Why don’t you try and let us know?

To try will cost 750$; that’s the challenge

oh, i guess they changed their pricing, used to be free to try.

I just tried submitting my app and they said it’s in the queue. I assume there will be more hoops to jump through but will keep y’all posted on what I find.

Just got the link to test my native iOS and Android apps (they create a mobile portal within a web browser), and I successfully logged into the app using Facebook, so it seems like this will work properly with a Bubble app. I need to see whether our client wants to move forward with this approach if there are additional costs, but it does seem promising.


@ahaller07 I’m in a similar situation.

From reviewing your post:

  1. You have developed a Native Mobile App on bubble.

  2. You want to use Facebook for signup / login.

  3. Because of the issues you were having with bubble (native mobile apps do not support a page change / deep linking), you used to “convert” your bubble native mobile app.

Did this work and meet your requirements? Do you have any feedback to share on this?


Hi @madras, gonative did appear to work properly, but I only tried their demo within a web browser (I didn’t pay to turn my web app into a full native app), so I can’t say for sure that would work seamlessly. Interested in hearing how it goes if you try it though!