How to make a button turn back from conditional data

Hi Guys, for my roleplay page, I have a button from chopping wood. Each time the user clicks it, they get a log. I wanted to make a cooldown for this, so I created a cooldown data in the character. Basically now when they click, it will grey the box out, and it adds a minute from when they clicked the button onto their cooldown. However, after the minute is up, the button doesn’t update until you refresh the page, is there anyway of making Bubble do this automatically so they don’t need to keep refreshing this?



Hey there,

I thought of a way to solve this for you and add a bit more functionality as well. See this loom:


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This is really helpful Ben, loved the video aspect of this, however, if a user refreshes their page, does the countdown continue or is it reset so they can circumvent it?

It would reset, that is why at the end of the video I mentioned that you could have that information written to a record instead. The countdown will continue counting down and when the page refreshes, it will show an accurate countdown.

(technically it won’t continue counting down when the page isn’t loaded, but when it refreshed, it will appear to still be counting down. I dont really know how to explain this, or if I even need to. ahah)

@jamesmeeds - See this loom:

Brill! That was it! Thank you so so much Ben, super helpful sir! :slight_smile:

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