How to make a list of places near user's address

So I want to make a list of different bars and clubs near the users geographical location?

Google Places plugin will do that for you .

Alternatively you an store the address of the place and bubble will allow you search for things within a radius.

Ok I have installed the google places plugin and so on, I’m still a bit confused as to how I should go about doing it, I’ve tried a couple of different ways and have been playing around with the maps, location input and the places API but I’m no further forward?

What it is you are trying to do ?

Show local bars on a map ? From Google Places ?

Yeah, so the user will type in their local city and the local bars individually will show up in a list

OK, that is very similar to something I have been doing. Will share it.

Excellent thank you

You will want to sign up and create a new project under the google api console:

Then make sure to enable the places api for web:

Grab your api:

(obviously don’t share that)

But you will put it in your plugin info:

Then just use it:

Here I’ve already got a repeating group of Locations which each contain an address.

Use Nearby Search
You can add a keyword or dynamically grab that from a search input field
The location needs to be a geographical location (in my example I have a set of Locations which each have an address)

Enter a radius (in meters per this link: Place Search  |  Places API  |  Google for Developers)



Yes, that’s the one. You can display them on a map by using the Place’s in the Bubble Map.


This guide was perfect, I have it up and running, thank you!


I’ve been trying to do the same but it’s not working