How to add a thing on button press

Hi there, I’m still very new to bubble but have a simple question.
Instead of inputting text into a field I’m trying to make something where you click a button/image to then add text into a group.

To be clearer…

I click on a button that says “headache” and it adds text on another part of the page “Patient has a headache”.

What workflow action does this require?


Hi, and welcome to bubble!

If i’m understanding correctly, you can have a text element that’s hidden on page load. This is the text “Patient has a headache”

Then, add a workflow on the button for when this button is clicked -> Show an element (the text element).

So using the show/hide workflow actions might help. Also, you might want to check out states, because if the text gets shown, it won’t hide again while the User is on.

Does that help? Let me know.


Thanks Tal. That was really helpful.
Hmm…I’ll try states and see how I go. I would need it to disappear if the user unclicks/unchecks an item to add to the text box.