Trigger workflow upon clicking specific words within text box

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I am trying to have variable text of which the user can click certain words within the text, a workflow is triggered (or another method). In this case the workflow would be to show a group above the text. See image below, where on top the user has clicked “this text” and on the bottom they have also clicked “two links”.

Any help on how to achieve this appreciated. Note that the text box content is variable not static, as are the words that are clickable links. I could make the links point to URLs, if helpful (e.g. if it is possible to trigger a workflow based on visiting a URL).

Also note that this is intended for a native app so hovering over the text won’t work.

If not possible to show a group, I might be able to work with showing an alert based on clicking a link within the text box.

Help on how to show the group/alert in the right place (above the link text that was clicked) would also be helpful.

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If I understand your question, then I do this quite a bit using custom states. The custom states can then be used to control both the text that is displayed and the workflow that is triggered.

Your text would be a combination of static text with the custom state.
And your workflow would say something like “when this text is clicked” and “only when custom state = option 1”…

Thanks SerPounce.

I’m not sure I understand your solution. I wouldn’t want the workflow to trigger when the whole textbox is clicked, but when the specific text (blue text in my picture example) is clicked. Is that what you are suggesting, and then varying the workflow based on custom states?

Additionally, I will have a few hundred different text options so it would be challenging to create a unique custom state for each one.

Thanks for any clarifications.


I don’t believe you would need a few hundred custom states - only as many as the buttons. But I am a bit confused as well as to what you are trying to achieve here. Maybe it’s best if you share a screen shot or two of the actual development or read access.

Not currently possible in native bubble, in my understanding. I’m currently building something like it in JS but it’s on the back burner. I’ll post here if I figure it out.

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Hi Kenneth, my app had this problem, was solved by using html and js. It’s the only way I know to achieve this. Here is an example for you.


Thanks Duke.

Daniel, I’m not seeing any content on your example but would appreciate seeing how complex this is. I’m not familiar with JS so this may be beyond my capability.

Your example just shows a login which doesn’t function; and workflows / elements are not revealing. Let me know if you update it.


The first link is the editor the second link is preview. Click the first link. The login page is an example showing a workflow action being triggered from some specific text onclick. This demo only has that one action, nothing more.

You are welcome.


Thank you very much Daniel. I’ve got this working now!


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