How to make a popup window only show once?

That is, the first time the user enters the page it is displayed and if the user closes it it is not displayed again.
Thinking about showing a pop-up window for advertising without it being invasive


On page load:

take your pick:

  • add the current date to a dateFieldCalledUserAccessedPageThatDisplaysTwentyPercentPopup

  • add a yes to a yes/noFieldThatCouldBeCalledTheUserSawThePopup

… others

Hope the above helps :smiley:


Here is from a previous question: How to show a popup for new visitors only? - #8 by hergin

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Yeah except I’d use a date as its still only one field and can be helpful down the road (e.g., you materially change popup and want to show it again to users who haven’t seen the new one).

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Thank you always for the support!

I took part of what everyone said, and I creaT the following:

  1. To the user I added a Promo-View field of “date-time”
  2. In the popup that shows the advertising I added a “button” (Close)
  3. Clicking the close button saves the “current date-time” in the Promo-View field in the user time amount. e.g.
  4. When the page loads, the advertising will be displayed only if the current date is greater by “X amount of time” than the date saved in the Promo-View field.


I would find a plugin to write into the browser cookie or local storage for this instead.

What upside is there to using a cookie? Doing so means inability to know a user saw the promo on a different browser or device and also means using an additional plugin (although GTM should be used instead) but what’s the benefit of this approach?

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WU management. Not an issue if it’s an internal app but an issue if I’m expecting heavy traffic. Also it’s what websites normally use for these things. Cookies.

Looking at OP’s post, the use case in this scenario is for advertisements. Neither was there mention that a user will be logged in.

good points.