How to make a workflow run when site isn't open


I’m new to bubble, I was wondering if anyone knew how to make the workflow work in the background, even if the app is closed. I’m creating a simple calendar that users can put their appointments on, that sends sms messages to the person who booked the appointment.

I am currently searching every 5 seconds for events that are within 1 day and 5 seconds, and 1 day and 10 seconds from the current time. This then triggers a text to send. The texts however don’t send when the app is closed, and I don’t feel the way I have structured this is the best. Does anyone have any better ideas?


Schedule the workflow for the correct time, rather than search for it. So set the date in the future when you schedule the workflow that sends the SMS.

That way you can close the page and it will still work.

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Great, I’ll do that, thanks for your help!

I have tried to do what you said, however I am unable to schedule a recurring workflow daily as my plan is only a personal one. Is there anyway around this for my app to check which events are current date+24hours, and send the text for events that match this requirement?

Thanks again, it’s driving me insane trying to figure this out haha

If you know the date in advance, surely you can calculate the date and schedule the workflow for that date ? You should not need a recurring workflow, just one in the future ?


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ah I see, will this repeat itself? As in, if I put scheduled date as current date/time +(days):1, can I make it run every day?

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