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How to make an input so that when enter is pressed by a user a repeating group is displayed!

I am having trouble figuring out how to display a repeating group when “enter” on a keyboard is pressed by the user! Here is a quick video I made!

Question is whether you have to have “enter” pressed. You say in your video you would also like to have the results start coming up as someone types. If you are happy with that, you could accomplish that by making your RG hidden, and put a conditional on it so that when the input field isn’t empty, the RG is visible. The RG will update with results (similar to a searchbox) as the user types in the value.

Note with the “Contains” operator, it’s case sensitive… that’s another issue to deal with and if you search the forum you’ll see posts on it.

PS: or you could just have your shapes as a datatype and then use a searchbox.

Thanks, Ed, it worked. I also prefer this because then it is one less thing the users really have to do.

Greatly Appreciated.

You’re welcome. I also realized a way to do the “enter” functionality if you decide to do that.

Set a text custom state on something (like the RG). Have the RG pull that value to filter on, instead of the input.

Then create a group element somewhere and effectively hide it by making it 1x1 pixels. Create a workflow on that element, that when it’s clicked, you set the custom state based on the input’s value. When you press “enter” in the input, it will execute the workflow.

Test it, and you should be able to type a value, and nothing will happen, but when you press “enter” it executes the workflow to set the custom state’s value to the input’s value, and the RG then returns matched records.

Also on the RG note you can set it to show/hide based on the :count.

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Ahh I see! Thanks for taking the time to figure this out. I am going to follow this and try it out!

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