How to make calendar plug in user specific


I have created an app that has a calendar function for each user.

Users are able to create events, however when I sign up as another user to test it does not show a clean calendar but it contains the inputs from other user.

I have set the content page to user.

How do I amend the workflow to only show the data that is entered on that current user page and ensure it doesn’t appear in another user’s page ?

I have not specified any other current user - calendar workflow because frankly i am not sure how to.

The way you control what users see is by placing constraints and building relationships.

You’ve done the initial part of building a search (ie. "Do a search for calendar events). Within this, you want to build some preliminary constraints. In this case, Created by = Current User). See GIF below.

Current user applies as a fairly universal concept. (Ie. the person who is using the application). That, in itself, does not automatically restrict the visibility of certain data. It just acts as a starting point.

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Thank you for your suggestion, the way that i have set up my calendar is that you can add your dates and events and it appears on the calendar.

I have included the Current page user as my first constraint and it works sort of.

Whenever users add dates and events it appears on the current page user’s page, but it disappears immediately (appearing for a bout two seconds and shows a blank calendar) and only when the user logs out and logs back in does all the affiliated dates for the current page user appear.

This is the workflow -

From what you shared, you may be mixing together the concepts of current user and current page user. It’s an easy mistake to make.

I have a video that covers this concept, may be helpful to watch.

Essentially, current user is the person who is using the application. Current page user is when you set the type of content on the page to a user. (Current user is like viewing your own Facebook profile. Current page user is like viewing a friend’s profile).

What I recommend is checking out things using the “Inspect” utility within the preview mode. It’s a great way to dig into the data to see what is (and isn’t) happening.

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