How to make list of users

I have a field on my “Entity thing” that has a field of a list of type User.

But when I copy a “User thing”'s UID and then try to add it to the list in the data editing page for an Entity thing, it fails silently (no erro5r but the ID is not shown as added to the list.)

What can be causing this? Is there a unique way to refer to Users thats different from other things?

If you add a User ID to a list, you are just adding the ID number. Bubble works are a higher level, you need to add the user and the UID is stored by bubble for you.

Um, this same approach works fine when I edit other data lists of “things”. Its only the lsit of Users that refuses to update.

There is no way to copy a “thing” in the data editing panel, only to copy fields.

Maybe you are misunderstanding where I am doing this. here are two pictures…

I am attempting to add the User to the list on Entity called “owners” using this editor

You don’t have to use the UID when adding it if that field type is the data type.

You’re passing a specific value when it’s expecting a whole entry.

So when adding that user to the owner, you just need to select the User, nothing specific beyond that.

Maybe I am missing something? I am trying to modify it through the screen below.

What are you saying I should put in the Owners field before pressing add?

Oh sorry,

If you are trying to add it from the backend, you have to add it based what the primary field of that data type is.

For example, in my database for users the email is the primary field, so I would click add, type out an email and it will auto populate a list based on emails.

If I had it set up for the primary field to be the UID, you would have to know the specific UID of that user to enter into that field, when you start typing it, it should populate a list and you can select the one you would like.

AH! Thats probably it. Ill have to look and see whats set as primary field. Makes perfect DB sense thanks!