How to make Messaging System?


I am wondering on how you can make a messaging system, simple and easy? Any tips, ideas, and all? Thanks!

Check this free template

I did some investigation here for integrating realtime chat:


Contus Fly uses Ejabberd, strophe.js and Laravel as the significant protocols to maximize the performance and solidifying the connection between the users.

Programming Language:

Since Erlang acts the main role as a programming language, PHP also takes part to create a chat app like Whatsapp that performs effectively on both iOS/Android.


Contus Fly uses BEAM interface to greater support of functions like Multi-core Message passing, Processes, Schedulers, etc. The virtual machine is run on Erlang which is a built-in interface tool.


As the database management collectively withholds the concurrent user base, Contus Fly is almost completely implemented with MySQL, PostgreSQL and default DB Mnesia db followed to develop a messenger app like Whatsapp.

Cloud Hosting:

To take control of the entire hosting limitations, Amazon Web Services takes care of the hot hosting operations.


Apache2/nginx and YAWS are web-based applications for the transmission of messages across the servers in an extended efficiency.

Quality Testing:

Once the reliable chat application like whatsapp has been developed, in order to examine the entire chat app that runs on native or hybrid, Contus fly uses Tsung, Appium & Selenium.


To provide a rock-solid security of the entire chat application, HMAC, AES and End-to-end encryption to ensure a secure chat environment.It’s a big procedure.

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