How to make product variations like this?

How to make product variations like this?

What exactly are you asking?.. how to structure the database?

@adamhholmes everything, database and frontend design.

There are no doubt various ways to approach it (and they will depend on the details of your app)…

But to keep things simple, based on the little info I have to go on for you use-case…

  • Have an Option Set for the sizes

  • Have a datatype for Product with the general product details

  • Have a datatype for Product_Variation that includes a Product, a Size, Price, and any other data specific to the product variation

In terms of front-end design, that again depends on what you’re trying to do… you can use any UI you like to allow users to select the size of a product, then just match the size and product to the product_variation to get the rest of the relevant data (such as price, or whatever else you need).

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