Uploading Product Variables

Hi All
I am seeking help uploading Products that have Variables
Example: Polo shirt sizes S-M-L-XL
How do I structure the Data Base to allow customers to search products Ie “Polo shirt”
and then have the option to choose “size” via Dropdown or checkbox
Option set will not work, reason = I have 3000 Products with different size ranges
Thank you in advance


I can’t get why optionsets won’t work on your database…

For instance, if I had to sell clothes and shoes, I would do 2 (or more if we distinguish female and male sizes), with the normal average range of sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL for instance and 6, 6.5, 7…

Even though you have 3000 products, you should be able to define for each one the right category and so the right option set to get. Option sets will make sure you don’t have something that is not normalized…

Hi Jehan
Thank you for your response
The problem I have with options sets
They are numerous variables some brands offer sizes ie: XXS -XL some offer S- 5XL
For trouser sizes 32-42 I would have to go through 3000k products to identify each variable

  1. List item

Just create an Option Set of all possible sizes, then add a list field to the product datatype to store the available sizes for that product.

Thank you for the response
Do you mean like attached screenshot?

I’m not too sure what I’m looking at there… but it doesn’t look right to me.

I would use an option set for colours, and an option set for sizes.

I’d have a product datatype that contains a field for ‘Available colours’ (a list of colours’) and a field for ‘available sizes’ (a list of sizes).

Then have a Product_variant datatype for each product variant (linking each product to each size, and colour etc.), along with variant specific details such as price and stock count etc.

Yes I understand
The only issue with that is you are relying on the customer to Cross reference the Drop down Size list with the Sizes available
I was looking for something a bit more robust , i need to completely rule out any issues with customers making errors

I don’t understand what you mean? what does the customer have to do with anything here?

I’m simply describing to correct database structure for this… nothing to do with customer UX.

Thank you for the update
Can you explain How to Link the Product variant to the size and colour


The product_varient datatype should look something like this:

Product (Product)
Colour (Colour)
Size (Size)
Price (Number)
Stock_count (Number)

Is this correct


You need to link it to the Product with a Product field.

And a product variant can only have a single Size (not a list)

And, unless it has a different name than the Product, there is no need for an additional Product Name field (unless you have a specific reason to do so).

Also, I would use an Option Set for the Sizes, as I mentioned previously (not a datatype).

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