How to make required field a signature when pressing a button

Hello @mishav, I am stuck with something apparently easy, but I tried several options, which are not working. How to make a required signature when pressing a button? Right now, it lets you press the button if the signature is empty. I share the workflow, but it does not matter if I have a signature when pressing the button “Confirmar Firma” .

I share the Images the help you have an idea of what I am doing:

Imagen 1

Imagen 2

Imagen 3

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I hope I’m not wrong but you use an input for your user to signature, correct? If that’s the case, just check the input “This input should not be empyt” in the input. When you check this, the moment your customer clicks Save, if the input is empty, it simply won’t save and you can style it with an alert, saying that it must fill. Hope this helps.

Hello Antonio @machadoa953, thank you. I appreciate your reply, I followed your instructions, but it is not working; I will try different options today to find the solution.

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is there any updates to this?