This input should not be empty help [SOLVED]

I recently posted on the forums and the help was so great I figured I would again. Not sure if I have a bug or if I’m having a serious mental block because this problem seems so simple.

I have a radio button input that the user should be required to click before signing up. To make this happen I set the radio button to “this input should not be empty” and then set a condition on that submit button which makes the element unclickable when the radio button is not valid… Couldn’t get it to work.

I went into the debugger to see what was going on and found that the radio button for some reason is empty and yet still valid. I deleted the radio button and put a new one down suspecting this was just a bug but to no avail.

Here is the debugger saying the radio button is empty and valid

Here is the radio button element

This is frustrating because a few days ago, I had this functionality working and I am unsure what I did to break it.

Any help would be really appreciated!


When you select “this input should not be empty” it will prevent any workflow using the radio button’s value from running, so the condition on the button is not needed if that Submit button is triggering an action that saves the selection. If that’s the case, try removing the condition on the button.

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Interesting, when I changed the event to “Sign up button and radio button is valid” and left the condition that the sign up button was unclickable when the radio button is not valid suddenly it worked. I do not understand this… but thanks!

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