How to manually add data types during development

I have two entities, a “seller” and “product”. A “seller” possesses a list of products, therefore every product has an associated “seller” (each product is unique to each seller).

When I manually upload a product (for development purposes), I have to input the “Seller” at the point of construction. What value do I supply in this field? Is it the Seller ID?

Hello @sonney.patel

The seller is now an object (… a thing … a data-type) in your database. So in order to add one it needs to exist in the database. You pick it inside the dB editor new entry window by keying-in the unique id of each of he objects that you want to add.

Easiest way would be to build a form with inputs and a create button. And display the entries in a repeating group. The button once pressed should have a flow that creates the objects in the database with their necessary fields.

Were you able to find a solution on adding a list of thing into a thing’s data records?
Also, where can I find the unique ID of a data record?

Hi @wheelifyteam

Unique ID is not shown by default on App Data. You can click “X additional fields” link on App Data tab, then there will be a pop up to manage which field that will be shown on App Data. You just need to check “Unique ID” on the pop up to show it.

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Thank you!!