How to manually set a new user's password?

When using “Create an account for another user” feature, how do I set the password myself (like when signing up you create your own password).

I’m trying to test creating users but can’t see any way to do this. My application requires admins/managers with the capability to add users.

I just want to use a really basic password for testing purposes at first.

Is it possible to do this? I searched the forum but I can’t find this information, only information about resetting user passwords which isn’t what I want to do here…


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Thanks for your post! For this, you might check out assigning a temporary password to a user. Let us know if that helps or if you have any more questions!

I use the calculate formula : random string feature to assign temporary passwords. This also makes it so they are not basic or easily guessed.

I did read this knowledge base and it’s not really what I am intending to do. It also says it’s meant for an admin to reset a user’s password, not when creating an account.

I don’t want to do anything complicated like that because I am just trying to test a couple of fake user accounts while building my app, so I just want to set a basic password for every user account that I create.

Right now the only thing I can do is is what the user was saying, assign a temporary password, then email the password to the user’s email account and have them login with that.

This tedious for creating and testing purposes and was hoping I’d be able to just assign a basic password on user creation but that doesn’t appear to be the case. I appreciate Bubble has created a secure user creation system but it’s at the cost of quickly testing accounts :confused:

Not only that but if I only had 1 email address for myself I could only create 1 user account, luckily I have several personal emails I can use for testing but this is quite annoying.

You can use fake email addresses and just create the test user data directly in your editor app data. I do it all the time. Then when I want to test it as that user, I go to app data and select user and then press the ‘run as’ text/button to the left of the user.

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oh, ok, I didn’t know I could do that!

Thank you!

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