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Setting a single username &password to control access to my application


I’m new to Bubble and I’m finding it tricky to set a single username/password for my application without having to provide a facility to sign-up first.

I want to be the only one able to create a user account to my application to control who can view the contents of a database.

I’m positive there’s a simple solution to this problem, but I’m having difficulty finding it!

Hope there’s someone that can help!?

Thanks, Graeme

Have a look at this example

Hi Raymond,

Thanks for such a quick reply. Reading through the example, it looks as though I would need to create a workflow to assign a temporary password in the first instance? I was hoping that I might be able to access the ‘user’ table and amend/set the ‘password’ data field manually in the back-end…do you know if this is possible?

Thanks, Graeme

Pleasure Graeme.

Yes you will have to create a workflow. Unfortunately we can’t set the user password by creating an account for somebody else. The alternative is to do the normal sign user up workflow. It will allow you set a password but it will also automatically sign you in after creating the user.

If you want to go this way you can build a workflow that will create an account > then sign the user out.
Why do you want to set the password?

I am trying to create one single username/password so that the application which I develop (a contact management database) can be used by one small local business. I don’t want anyone visiting the application to be able to sign-up and have access to their application and data if that makes sense?

I’m probably going about this entirely the wrong way, but I’d love to be able to figure out some kind of workaround because I really like the simplicity of using bubble to create a responsive, cloud-based database application.


You can create an admin page that will allow access only to a person that has admin rights (create a yes/no field in db). On the admin page the user for the company can then create an account for somebody else.

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Looks like I’m not the only one…Creating admin acces in Live Mode

Thanks for your help Raymond.

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Pleasure. We all have to learn & that’s what the forum is for.

Just seen this… exactly what I was looking for!