How to mimic various content blocks in a group

I need help in creating something like what is shown in this video:

Basically, there is a layout that allows you to select what type of block you want to add when building a webform. The block can be a paragraph, an input field, or a set of fields… See the video for a more detailed description (only about 1 minute long). Thanks for any insights.

You mentioned what I think the best solution would be which is to have a repeating group (Full List) with One Column and One Row. Within that cell, you can add any possible element that someone would want to add and make sure they are all in their own group and the height of the groups should be collapsible when hidden. Then you should probably create an option set of all the different types of selections. That way you can add a conditional to each corresponding group, for Example: Group Input will have an Input within and the conditional will say When Current Cell’s Element Option(this references your option set) is ‘Input’ then this element is visible. Also would be best to add when Current Cell’s Element Option is not ‘Input’ then this element is not visible. Now when someone selects ‘Input’ then you can set the state of that Cell’s Element Option to ‘Input’ and the input will appear.

This would work if you only needed to add any of the elements 1-time… But what if you wanted to add any element more than one time? Say a title, a paragraph, then another title, and an input field, then another title and another paragraph… Would this still work?

@romanmg, You seem to know a lot about custom events, reusable elements… Do you have any ideas? Please check out the video above. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide.

That would work. The repeating group could have a ‘Type of Content’ set to number. Then make the Data Source a list of numbers which could pull from pretty much anything but most simply probably a custom state on the repeating group. Each time someone selects an element to add, it could add one more number to the list and that would allow you to pick from any one of the elements again. Since each cell of the repeating group will have all elements as long as there is one more item in the list that has not been selected then you should be able to pick from any of the items within it.

I was intrigued to get this to work so I created a quick example:

Here is the editor for “dynamic_elements”:

This is awesome! I will take a close look at it today. Thanks @williamtisdale . You’re great!!!

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