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How to modify a thing?

I am trying to add a value (determined by amount entered into text box) to an existing data type field. For example, if the data type field contains 30 and the text box contains 20, I want the two numbers to be added together to replace the old amount (30) with the new amount (50). How would I word this?

Here are the names of the fields:
Data Type - Log
Field - Amount
The text box containing the value to add is called “Input Enter amount…”

Let me know if you need more details.

You would do: Make changes to Log -> Log’s Amount = Log’s Amount + Input Enter amount’s value.

I might be missing something, but how do I select the log that I need to modify?
I tried “Search for Logs” Inventory Item = “Dropdown Select a product’s value’s Item Name”.This should give me the correct item to modify, but the “Thing to change” requires more information before I can change the Log’s amount.

Yes, it returns a list so is there only one Log that should match that search?

If so, then you can use Search for Logs:first item in order to choose the specific Log out of the list of Logs (even though there is only one Log in the List).

From there you should be able to modify it.

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Thank you @peng.o, I got it working. For anyone else having troubles in a similar situation, this is how I got it working:

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