How to Modify Production Table Schema


Sorry if this is a dumb question. I need to make a change that requires a modification to a table schema. Can you tell me how I update my production table to include this additional field? Normally, I would just write a deployment script that has an update table statement.

Or, is my problem a permission issue? I’m relatively new to my company and picked up the work of a contractor who left before I got here. I thought I had proper rights, but maybe I don’t.


@twojeck You can add fields in the Data tab. See this section in the manual.

I probably wasn’t clear. I guess my real question is, after I make changes using the data tab in development, how do I get those schema changes to production without copying the test data in the table?

Nevermind. I found a post in the deployment section:
“If you were to add data types and data fields and workflows in the development version, those workflows, fields and types are added to the live database when you deploy the changes to live, just not the entries themselves.”

I wasn’t sure if the data type changes would come with the deployment.