How to move the text boxes automatically down

Hi everyone

Please could someone help me with a problem I am facing?

I have a page that looks like this:

When i click on the + icon, it opens up a Group Focus like this "

As you can see , the Group Focus covers the “Receipts report” text box.

How can I get the second text box to move automatically down depending on the height of the Group Focus?

Thanks in advance


Hi Deepak

You won’t get that to work with group focus as that sits on top of all other elements.

What you want is to change your group focus to a normal group instead and position it between your two text elements. Set it to not be visible on page load, and enable the “collapse height when hidden”.

Set a custom state on that new group called “is visible” with default no. And set a condition on the group that says when this group’s is visible is true, make it visible…

Then when user clicks Stock Reports use a workflow to toggle that custom state.



Thanks a lot Rob for the prompt response. Much appreciated!

I will try out the solution you have given.


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