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How to initiate a workflow on a new page based on where the page was loaded from (previous page)?

The uses case is, I want to send user to a new page and then open a couple of elements in the page based on previous page.

Can any helpful bubbler point me in the right direction?


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Yes you can with the ‘send extra parameters’.

The way I use it, is you setup a group with an input on the receiving page that gets a parameter from the page:

The parameter is the same thing you setup as an additional parameter to send to the page:

Whatever you send to the page can be anything. I usually use the unique ID of the object that I want to continue working with on that other page.

On the receiving page you setup a workflow or condition, whatever you need, that picks up the unique ID of whatever you just sent to the receiving page and uses that as a data source to display the intended data. So for me, it will load up data in a group or even a popup. The workflow looks for that group/input with the input being not empty and reset it after you’ve used the data.

This should get you going!


Thanks a lot man. Was really helpful reply.


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