How to open file as a url parameter

How can I open a pdf, for example, as a URL parameter within my own domain without embedding it.

When I open a pdf from the file manager it has a “” name in the URL

Hi @raf,

Currently, there’s no way to do that. All files are under – other Bubblers have a suggestion to remove the domain out of file URLs on the ideaboard here: Bubble | Build Powerful Full-Stack Apps Without Code

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is it possible to have an s3 URL to open that file? or am I fully stuck with bubble urls

Fully stuck with Bubble URLs. They used to have s3 URLs, but they switched it to because of issues relating to Bubble being blocked by Avast and other antivirus software issues in the past.

This was their best solution to fix that: [BIG ISSUE] Bubble Now Exposes Your Bubble App Name in the File Storage URL - #61 by laura.oppenheimer

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ooh ok thanks

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