How to pass a list of paramaters in a url + set a state on page load

I am trying to send a list of texts (unique ID’s) for Things in the bubble database as a URL parameter from one Bubble page to another.

On page load, I am trying to Search for the list of Things using the list of texts contained in the URL parameter and then set the list of those Things to the page.

I can’t figure out how to set this up though.

Is there a way to search for a list of things and set a state with the result of that search?

I would be searching for a list of Things based on the list of texts from the URL paramater.

Page is loaded:
Set State - “listOfThingsState” = Do a search for Thing where unique id is in get data from url

I tried this @williamtisdale but maybe I’m doing something wrong here because it won’t let be access ‘converted to list’ or anything.

I am passing a list of texts (unique ID’s) from one page to another page in the URL as a paramater.

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Same issue as discussed in the following thread:

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It’s frustrating that we can’t do this, but the workaround I ended up using worked pretty well.

Let’s say you’re trying to send a list of a data type called “Cars” to another page. Create a new data type called something like “Car list” with a field which is a list of cars. In the workflow before going to the page, create a car list and store the list. Send that car list ID instead of the cars. On the second page, simply get the car list and access the list of cars within.

To avoid cluttering the DB, you can add a trigger on the backend where every time a car list is created, you schedule its deletion in a certain number of days.

As with many Bubble workarounds, this will likely consume more WU so watch your billing :wink:

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