Passing on Values for API Calls between pages

tl;dr: I want to pass On a value from page index to page blog and do an API call with that value passed-on from page index. I was able to finish the first part, but I do not know how to do the second part.

I am using Bubble to do the following:

Here is where I get stuck

What I got going so far:

Is it possible to do this with a dynamic value / API call within one text field (both retrieving the UUID from the URL and making the API call). Or am I approaching this wrong and there is a better / easier way to do this?

Thank you for any pointers, …

The issue you have actually is that you set the parameter to private in API connector. Remove private checkbox and you will be able to dynamically fill the uuid using Get data from url

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Thanks, with your help I solved the problem.