Trying to pass data through navigation

I’m trying to call an api endpoint on click of a button, and then pass the object resulting from that call’s response to the next page in my app. Not sure how to achieve this. The filters on my object in bubble seem to be endless and I can’t get it to resolve.

The go to page action has what you need? Here’s an example I use to pass an Option Set to the page.

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Thanks for the answer! I think if I provide some additional context around what I’m trying to do you may be able to help more, which would be greatly appreciated. When I pass the additional param to my next page, I need to use the data to make a call to an external API to retrieve some data by object_id. I then will use the data from the api call to make another external call to populate a list of objects. This is how I have the navigation setup:

I make a call to get_by_id endpoint, which I am trying to populate the id with the param data passed from before. I can’t quite figure out how to get it working.
If I can get the parent group to pull in the proper data using the param, I’ll be able to populate my list just fine. Currently, that is blocking me from doing so

I think you can create a trigger of when page is loaded(or do when everytime) and an action to set the RG’s list based on a search with the constraint id = get data from url....

You could also apply the same idea but on the RG’s conditional + source.