How to pass data between different data sources?

Hi all,

I have a single page app and need to display data from ‘groupA’ to ‘groupB’. This is easy if both groups have the same data source but what do I do if they have different data sources?

Here’s an example of the problem:

What do you want to display in the second group?
What is the type of the first group?

Please, provide mor info about it!

If you’re going to get your hands dirty on this one, @rpetribu, there is context in this thread (and lots of other threads just like it). Good luck! :slight_smile:

@darren.james7518, what happened with the latest freelancer who was going to help fix this all up for you?

The thread you recommended was created by me and is a slightly different issue. I still don’t know the answer as that thread hasn’t answered it. I thought a new thread focused on the issue of passing data between non related datatypes would be useful.

I’m well aware that thread was created by you. Creating multiple threads is not necessarily the best way to go because someone who tries to help has no idea how much you have been struggling with this stuff, and they also are not aware of the solutions that others have already suggested to no avail. But, hey, do what you gotta do.

Unfortunately I had to cancel the video call but I will reschedule. It is a ‘pay per minute’ freelancer.

I felt these topics were separate, although very similar. The other one is to do with how to structure the database. Whereas this thread is how to pass data between the difference source types.

The first group is type Job and the second is type Invoice. A user can create multiple Jobs and multiple invoices within each Job.

Here’s how the site works:

Type Job:
Create a Job (ie. ‘fixing the bathroom sink’)
View the Job’s customer.
View the Job’s invoices

Type Invoice:
Create an invoice for the Job

I need to pass data from ‘View the Job’s invoices’ to the invoice page.

Sorry Mike, I thought you were typing that to me but I just noticed you were replying to @rpetribu!

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If your Job has multiple Invoices, you need to specify which invoice of this Job you wish to display in the second group.


The field Invoice is a list of invoices?

This won’t work either. I have just posted a step by step set of images showing the exact issue.